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My Spiritual Nighttime Routine

Over the years (to be honest this past decade of my life) I have incorporated a nighttime routine. Having a nighttime routine helps to train your body to begin to calm down, unwind, and get ready for a restful nights sleep.

No, my nighttime routine doesn't consist only of things such as: brushing my teeth and washing my face. Of course they are part of it, but I wanted to dive deeper into other routines I have added and played with over the years:

  • Turn off devices (T.V., phone, tablet, etc.) at least 20 minutes before bed time and insert reading a book

  • Hair oil mask

  • Move my body through light stretches or a short yoga sequence

  • Bath

  • Light a candle and meditate (try this NEW guided meditation on my YouTube channel)

  • Journal - I love to free write to essentially brain-dump everything in my mind

  • Connect with my partner about our days and anything else we wanted to touch base on

  • Castor oil pack

I recommend, if you don't already, choose at least 1-3 things to incorporate into your nighttime routine over the next 21 days (because it takes 21 days to create a habit, fyi). Better yet, leave a comment on this post about which 1-3 things you would like to incorporate or that you are already doing.

Holistically Humble,


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