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Let's Talk About Being Sustainable!

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

This past Friday April 22, 2022 was Earth Day. Although I want to acknowledge that living consciously in a world where there is so much waste is something I aim to do on a daily basis, I am happy that there is a day dedicated to the Earth.

Having just had Earth Day, I thought it would be a perfect time to talk about being sustainable!

Being sustainable to me means: being conscious of what type of waste you are choosing to bring into your life and therefore; the earth. For example, if you go to get coffee everyday, are you bringing a reusable mug to use instead of getting the cup with the plastic lid everyday? If you choose to get produce at the grocery store, are you putting everything in plastic bags, or are you choosing not to use a bag at all to reduce the use of single use plastic? Even better, are you bringing a reusable produce bag that can be reused over and over again?

Here are some examples of swaps you could do to be more sustainable:

+ bring your own set of cutlery (like the wooden ones above) instead of using plastic

+ go to a refillery and bring your own containers to refill items such as dish soap, hand soap, laundry detergent, shampoo, conditioner, coffee, etc.

+ compost your food waste*

+ use a bamboo toothbrush instead of plastic as bamboo will compost and plastic will not

+ use a reusable water bottle instead of purchasing plastic water bottles

+ bring your own bags to stores to avoid using single use plastic bags

+ recycle as much as you can - take the time to learn about what can be recycled and how to best do it

+ swap coffee pods for a French press or other way of drinking coffee without the plastic pod

+ head to your local farmer's market when you can instead of the grocery store

+ eat plant based at least one day a week

+ and so much more!!

*Did you know that when food is thrown in the garbage bag and goes to the landfill that the food in the trash produces methane gas which drastically increases greenhouse emissions, something that can be drastically decreased by composting your food waste?

As you can probably tell, I am very passionate about the topic of being sustainable and practicing zero waste habits!! I want to let you know that I was not aware of any of this about 10 years ago and then when I first started learning about it, it felt very overwhelming. So my recommendation to you is to start slow. Pick one thing that you can stay committed to for 30 days and then add from there.

Let me know in the comments what you like to do/want to do to be more sustainable?

Holistically Humble,



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