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FREE 14 Day Yoga Challenge


Starting June 1st for 14 days, and totally free to you! Sign up by clicking here to have your daily practice sent to you directly for 14 days straight. Here's why you should do it:⁠


1) Great for your mind, body + soul.⁠

2) Increases flexibility.⁠

3) Builds strength.⁠

4) Helps support a better connection to your body.⁠

5) Easy way to get into (or back into) a daily yoga practice!⁠

What is amazing about this yoga challenge is that the link to the yoga class will be sent directly to your inbox for you to schedule in at a time that serves you throughout the day. Make it a morning ritual, a mid day connection piece, or an evening practice to unwind. Mix it up too if that serves you better!

If you are landing on this post after June 1st, you can head to my YouTube channel for 14 days in a row and challenge yourself that way.

Want to try my 14 Day Meditation Challenge? Click here for Day 1.

Holistically Humble,



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