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Does sleep matter? Hint: Yes!!!

Are you finding it difficult to sleep lately? You're not alone. With the sun being out later we naturally want to stay up later! 😴⁠ ⁠

But did you know there are numerous other reasons alluding to your sleep deprivation, such as:⁠ ⁠

- Caffeine⁠

- Alcohol⁠

- Blue light devices⁠

- Improper nutrition / supplements⁠

- Holding onto too much energy⁠

- Inconsistent night time routine⁠

If you're struggling with sleep deprivation you don't have to suffer! Here are my go-to tips to get better sleep hygiene:⁠

1) Less device use before bed & first thing in the AM (start with even 5 minutes, preferably 15-20).⁠

2) Moving your body throughout the day - yoga and light walks are a great place to start!⁠

3) Limit or even eliminate alcohol for a period of time.⁠

4) Monitoring caffeine intake especially in the PM.⁠

5) Establish a consistent nighttime routine to set you up for success.⁠

For me, a good nighttime routine is crucial in helping me get the best sleep. Here's how I get ready for an 8+ hour slumber:⁠

⁠- Brush my teeth⁠

- Wash my face⁠ & moisturize ⁠

- Gua sha or self massage ⁠

- Turn of my device(s) at least 20 minutes before bed⁠

- Yoga and/or meditation

It changes on the daily, but I like to incorporate as many of the above as possible. I want to be human though, sometime it consists of watching TV, falling asleep on the couch and then getting into bed. Be gentle with yourself and start slow, but make it consistent!

Comment below to answer: what do you like to do to wind down for bed? ⁠

Holistically Humble,


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