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Creating a Vision Board

Creating a vision board is something that I have been doing each new year for so many years now, it is a routine, a habit if-you-will, where I look forward to getting together pictures, words, and anything else that I want to put on my vision board to manifest my dreams and goals.

I kid you not, each year I create a vision board and put it up on display to look at multiple times throughout the day, they have come true.

When you put something in your vision day after day your subconscious mind picks up on it and started to look for things in life that will bring you closer to that vision. That is why it is so important to create a vision board!

Here are some more benefits to creating a vision board:

  • keeps you inspired and motivated to your dreams & goals

  • constant reminder of what it is you want in life

  • harness the energy to make your dreams happen

  • and more!

Are you intrigued yet?

I am SO excited to announce I am offering a vision board workshop on Sunday March 20th from 1-3pm. The location will be sent to you once you sign up - it is in North Nanaimo. Investment is $33 with everything supplied from pictures, works, to poster board, scissors, glue, a computer and printer to print your fave pictures out, and more!

Spaces are limited - click here to claim your space.

Holistically Humble,

Katie xoxo

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