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Beginner Guide to Meditation - 4 Tips to Ease into a Meditation Practice (includes video)

Hello Beautiful Humans!

I hope you are all doing well, it has been awhile since I have posted a blog post BUT I also will attach a video down below for even more info!

A brief introduction to my own personal meditation journey starts when I was in university and took a class called health of the human spirit (shout out to the teacher who was able to teach university students such a deep and amazing topic). As part of a homework assignment he asked us to set a timer for 5 minutes with no distractions, close your eyes, and breath. He called it meditation. That was the first time I had ever heard that word - meditation. So, I went home and did it and OH MY GOODNESS that was the longest fricken 5 minutes of my life. Seriously, it felt like it drrrraaagggeeed on and was so pointless. I thought that I didn't set an alarm, I thought that I should be doing more productive things instead of sit here in silence and stillness. I remember talking to my professor about how I don't think my mind was quiet for 2 seconds the whole time. That experience would be the one to change my life.

I dabbled in meditation for the next several years and found I would come to it more in stressful times, instead of create a meditation practice where I would do it more frequently. This continued for a few years and then a couple years ago in my yoga teacher training we had to complete a 40 day sadhna (40 day meditation practice). This challenged me like no bodies business, but it made me aware that is exactly why you do meditation. To challenge and learn about yourself, your true authentic self. My meditation journey doesn't end here, it is a daily practice that has so many amazing benefits and truly makes me a better human.

Thank you for being here, I appreciate you. Now, onto my top 4 tips to ease into your meditation practice.

Tip #1: Find a quiet space & think outside the box

  • in your car after work

  • on a park bench during your lunch hour

  • at your desk at work

  • in your bedroom

  • in your office

  • in your living room

  • in the backyard

  • on your front porch

Tip #2: Try the following positions for meditation and choose your favourite

  • seated crossed legged on the floor/pillow

  • seated on your heels

  • seated in a chair/couch

  • laying down

Tip #3: Understand that thoughts will come and that stopping the thoughts is not the point aka YOU ARE NOT DOING IT WRONG!

  • The point is to sit or lay down with no distractions and connect to the breath and begin to quiet the thoughts

Tip #4: Think of meditation like training your mental 'muscle.' The more you do it the easier it becomes and the greater the benefits

  • Stay consistent!

  • Try 1 minute each day - set your phone for 1 minute and sit or lay down with no distractions.

  • Trust your alarm will go off and work the time up from there!

If you would like to learn about the benefits of meditation, how to set up a meditation space, and different types of meditation watch this video *Don't forgot to subscribe to my YouTube channel while you are there, it truly means a lot.

*If you are seeing this post before Monday December 6th then you are in luck! I am offering a 4 Part Guided Meditation Series for Beginners that is Mondays for 7:30pm for 20 minutes. If you can't join the live meditation you will have access to the recordings. PLUS there is a bonus surprise at the end.

Click here to claim your spot - space is limited.

Thank you for being here. If you would like to try my meditations from YouTube, click here.

Peace, love, & avocados,


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