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7 Day Cold Exposure

I dedicated 7 days in a row to dunk myself in the Pacific Ocean, here is how it went.

I can't explain the urge to do this other than a feeling deep down that it was something I wanted to stick to. Yes I know, I picked a part of the year where it wasn't necessarily the coldest, BUT I am still proud of myself. I really want to challenge myself to do it again say in...October...? Hold me accountable!

I am excited to share my video of my 7 day cold plunge below. I hope that it inspires you to do a 7 day cold plunge or something that you have wanted to do to benefit yourself either mentally, physically, emotionally, or spiritually (or all).

While you are here, I would love for you to leave a comment of something you are dedicated to doing. Help motivate others!

Holistically Humble,



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