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5 Healthy Habits to Nourish Your Body, Mind, & Soul

Would you like to learn about my 5 Healthy Habits to Nourish your Body, Mind, & Soul? You can watch my newest YouTube video here on this exact topic, or if you prefer to read about them then you are in the right place!

There are many healthy habits out there to nourish your body, mind, & soul however I am speaking to my own personal 5 habits that have helped me so much over the years and continue to do so, just as long as I do them! Read my journey to health & wellness here.

Habit #1: Drink More Water (Stay Hydrated)

Did you know that as humans we are more than 60% water? 60%!!!!!! That means that we really need to make an effort to drink plenty of filtered water and stay hydrated on a daily basis. I often hear clients say "if I drink a lot of water I have to use the bathroom more," but the reality is that going to the bathroom often as well as having our urine a pale yellow to clear is extremely beneficial for our bodies. Not only are we flushing out toxins but we are also keeping our bodies hydrated which has so many amazing benefits to it such as increased energy, decreased cravings for sugary foods, clear head, and more!

My suggestion to you is to drink 1 glass of water (250mL) right when you wake up in the morning and for every hour after throughout the day until about 2-3 hours before you go to bed. The best way to do this is to set an alarm in your phone for every hour after you wake up until the 2-3 hour mark before you go to bed. That way, when the alarm goes off you stop what you are doing and drink your 1 glass of water. Alternatively, having a filled reusable water bottle with you all day will make you drink more water as well because if it is around you and full, you will drink it!

I suggest filtered water as much as possible, however if it is not accessible to you then if you pour tap water into a glass container or jug and can leave it out on your counter for a minimum of 30 minutes then the chlorine can gas off at the very least. In addition if you do not have a filter for your water then you can purchase alkaline water sticks that can make the water more alkaline for you. This is better as essentially disease cannot thrive in an alkaline environment, so the more alkaline you can make your body the better!

Habit #2: Exercise/Move Your Body

This habit is so beneficial for you on so many different levels. When you exercise you move your lymph which helps to boost your immune system and detoxify your body. Exercising also makes you sweat which is another amazing way to detoxify your body. In addition, it boosts your mood and is amazing for mental health as well as physical health (and soooo many more benefits).

The tip is to choose an exercise routine that best suits YOU! We are all unique and different, therefore you have to find what exercise excites you and makes you want to do it several times a week, if not everyday. For example, running, walking, going to a Zumba class or doing it online, yoga online or in a studio (watch my 20 minute guided yoga class to destress & unwind here), water aerobics, doing an at home workout, riding your bike, etc. Whatever it is, it has to feel good for you and your body!

Moving your body on a daily basis is amazing, however a few times a week is better than none! So, what is your favourite exercise to do? Leave a comment down below and let's inspire others!

Habit #3: Do Yoga and Meditation

What is yoga? This is actually a very profound question as we each experience yoga differently, but that is the amazingness of yoga! Yoga quite literally means to "yolk" or "union." Allowing the body, mind, and soul to come together as one. To connect your breath and your body.

How often do you do this? Have you every done it? Don't let fear or unrealistic thoughts stop you from even trying or continuing your practice. I first found yoga by taking it as an elective in university and it rocked my world I thought it was so hard and that I wasn't flexible enough...turns out that it doesn't matter about that and what it has taught me was to drop the ego! Let yourself experience yourself on the mat through breath and movement - it truly can be transformative.

In order to find out what yoga is to you, come to my live yoga class every Wednesday online via zoom from 4-5pm PST/7-8pm EST & 7-8PST/10-11pm EST and experience it for yourself. Here is the link to sign up. I also have a 20 minute yoga video on my YouTube channel that you could check out as well.

What is meditation? First of all the are many different forms of meditation such as: guided meditation, transcendental meditation, mindfulness meditation, and many more. But what are the benefits of doing this?

+ Reduces stress

+ Reduces anxiety

+ Enhances self awareness

+ Lengthens the attention span

+ Can help to manage pain

+ Many more!!

In our fast paced world you might feel like you don't have time to meditation, but the reality is you can meditate anywhere! You could meditate in your car after work, on your commute, laying down before bed, while gardening, walking, etc. If you would like to try out a guided meditation you can try this one on my YouTube channel to release some stress.

Habit #4: Eat Nourishing Meals

In order to make nourishing meals you can set yourself up for success by meal planning. You can do things to help plan out to make nourishing meals such as cutting up bananas and putting them in the freezer the night before. Maybe you wash and cut up some fruit and vegetables and put it in Tupperware to be easily accessible in the fridge. It could be that you cook a big batch of food the night before, enough so that you could have 1-2 lunches and keep them in the Tupperware.

I know what you might be thinking! "I don't know how to cook," "I suck at cooking," or the one I often hear my clients say is "I don't have time to cook." But, do you have time to be sick? Taking that few extra minutes to prepare something healthy and nourishing will be so beneficial for yourself. Creating larger meals in an instant pot, or just making double batches in general can be extremely beneficial in cutting down time in the kitchen while still gaining that nutrition.

Habit #5: Declutter and/or Organize

Have you ever had your house cluttered with stuff that you just haven't had the time or want to put away or get rid of it? Have you ever checked in with yourself when that happens?

For me, it makes me feel out of balance and like there is too much going on. On the flip side when I declutter or organize my external environment it helps to let go of things that I no longer need or no longer serve me and make room for the new, regardless if that is something physical or something else.

That thing that you need to do to clean or organize your external environment (home, car, office, etc.) could be causing you stress and anxiety. That is why if you are here reading this blog post then I challenge you to watch this video on when I decluttered and organized my closet to hopefully inspire and motivate you to do the same. I hope that when you do decide to declutter or organize you take a second to reflect on how it feels when you do that and take note! So the next time that you have to do it (which is totally normal as we are all human) then you will hopefully remember the feeling of how it felt to declutter/organize.

Those conclude my 5 healthy habits to nourish your body, mind, and soul. If you would still like to watch my YouTube video on this topic then you can click the video down below. If you are not already subscribed to my YouTube channel, please take a second and hit subscribe.

Thank you!!

Holistically Humble,

Katie xoxo

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