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Unlock the transformative potential of holistic living with Holistically Humble. Join me on a profound journey toward balance and harmony, embracing the intricate connection between mind, body, and spirit. Delve into a wealth of valuable insights, empowering practices, and abundant resources designed to cultivate inner peace, elevate your well-being, and unveil your true potential. Together, let's embark on a path that nurtures every aspect of your being for a more fulfilling and enlightened life.

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Holistically Humble 

Embark on a holistic journey with my podcast as I dive into a rich tapestry of topics encompassing health and wellness.

Immerse yourself in insightful discussions ranging from nutrition, yoga, and meditation to the transformative realms of mindfulness and manifestation.

At Holistically Humble, I am passionate about providing you with a well-rounded exploration of subjects that contribute to your overall health and wellbeing. Episodes are curated to inspire, inform, and empower, therefore offering a diverse blend of wisdom and practical tips.

Join me, Katie - owner of Holistically Humble and host of the Holistically Humble Podcast, on this enlightening adventure where each episode unfolds a new facet of holistic health and wellness.


Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or just starting your wellness journey, my podcast is designed to resonate with everyone.

Ready to amplify your understanding of health and wellness? Hit play and let's explore the transformative power of holistic health and wellness together. Your wellbeing awaits at the Holistically Humble podcast.


Happy listening!


Lisa, Nanaimo, BC

The more classes I take with Katie, the more poses I can do.


Richelle, Cumberland, BC

I feel so relaxed during and after each class. The emphasis on breathing is wonderful. It has taught me to be in touch with my breathing and just how beneficial it can be especially during times of high stress.


Jessica, Toronto, ON

The practice has helped me escape my busy thoughts for an hour and let go of my to-do list. The practice also realizes stress for me.




I'm Katie


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