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Virtual Wellness Retreat

I am so dang excited to offer this virtual wellness retreat!

First of all, Happy New Year & welcome to 2021. What are you looking forward to this year?

Second of all, I wanted to offer this virtual wellness retreat in the first month of a new year to give you space for self care and self love. This retreat is going to be amazing is in the comfort of your own home, how cool is that?!

If you have wanted to join a previous Wednesday yoga class and/or 4 part yoga series but haven't made the is your time to sign up and claim your spot.

In this virtual wellness retreat we will:

- Journal

- Be guided through a meditation

- Explore our bodies in a Hatha Yoga class - Share in small groups (if you do not feel like sharing you absolutely do not have to)

- Have a couple breaks to tend to our needs (snack, bathroom, savasana again, etc.)

- And more!!

So, the question for you is - are you ready?

Claim your spot by heading to my homepage of this website, scroll down until you see the signup form for the virtual wellness retreat and input your details. Can't wait to spend this time with you!! Your body, mind, and soul will thank you.

Holistically Humble,


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